Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to attend Wedding Party

How to attend Wedding Party

Women know that it is important to always look perfect every time, especially when attending a wedding. Marriage is a big events, so it was natural that the bride and groom wants his big day this looks perfect. You who have been selected as a guest to attend the special day it is, of course, must also reply to their invitation to show your best performance.
Fortunately, because it chose to attend the wedding dress is not as difficult as you might think. Only need to consider several things.
That needs attention? That into consideration when choosing the right outfit for a wedding reception is the place, time and theme of the event. You have to know where the location of the wedding will take place and what the theme is powered by bridal couple.
Is it a simple party, attended friends and close relatives at home, formal party held at the mosque, church, building, hotel, or a garden party and weeding beach party. Then pick out all at the wedding reception will also be held, whether morning, afternoon or evening? All this information is important so that you can determine the proper fashion in accordance with the concept of the show so no one costume. What should you wear?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Appearance is one key thing to note when they wanted to do a job interview. This is a great way to show a good first impression. The better the performance, then you will also be more confident. Neatly dressed and polite can also show your professionalism. Making it possible to assist you in getting a job.
As quoted from Stylish and Trendy, there are a few tips on fashion blunders to know.
  • Avoid the use of perfume that is too overpowering. Perfume with the scent that is too pungent to be able to make people around you, including the interviewer feel dizzy even though allergies. So you should wear perfume sparingly.