Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Appearance is one key thing to note when they wanted to do a job interview. This is a great way to show a good first impression. The better the performance, then you will also be more confident. Neatly dressed and polite can also show your professionalism. Making it possible to assist you in getting a job.
As quoted from Stylish and Trendy, there are a few tips on fashion blunders to know.
  • Avoid the use of perfume that is too overpowering. Perfume with the scent that is too pungent to be able to make people around you, including the interviewer feel dizzy even though allergies. So you should wear perfume sparingly.
  • Avoid shoes that are open, luxurious and striking. Should wear shoes with the right job is not too high. Make sure the shoes are used in accordance with the color and model the clothes.
  • When you wish to conduct a job interview, do not wear clothes that are too casual. It would be nice to wear a shirt, skirt and blazer. By wearing these clothes, you communicate to the interviewer that you are mature, professional and can be a member of a team. Avoid clothes that are too tight. In addition to discomfort, clothes that are too tight too bad to look at.
  • Make sure your clothes match. Try to choose neutral colors like black, white, dark blue or brown. Avoid colors that are too bright and flashy like the pink and red.
  • Not a few of you would like to wear jewelry in the form of rings, necklaces and bracelets. But for a job interview, you should not wear excessive jewelry, just wear one or two rings and a necklace that is simple.
  • Should a job interview when you do not overdo the make-up. Wear lipstick and blush on the neutral color. Do not let your makeup to look like want to go to a party.
  • Make sure your hair looks neat and conservative. If your hair is long, try to ponytail, or slicked down.
  • Your nails should not be dirty neat. Before entering the interview room, the bathroom mirror first to make sure you look perfect.
  • Do not let you wear clothes that are too sexy and mini. Wear proper clothing to wear to the office.
  • Try to relax and calm when I want to get into the job interview. That way can help you avoid feeling nervous. Do not forget to always smile.
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