Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Best 5 of Celebrities Transparent Dresses

The Best 5 of Celebrities Transparent Dresses - Celebrities are always the center of public attention whatever dilakukanya always interesting to talk about , one of which is the way the world with celebrity dress shirt slightly open sometimes seemingly would be very excited gossip among the public there is a miraculous well as transparent fashion celebrities who make a scene . Want to know a celebrity who 's consider the following below.

1 . Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum transparent dress

This could make the world Supermodel of the invited guests at a charity event in Cannes dumbfounded . How not , Klum is gorgeous and has a beautiful body , appeared wearing a transparent dress silver color . Clothes made ​​of material that appears translucent sheers and clearly shows the body parts this German model .

Of course , that night , Klum became the spotlight because of her thin clothes that invite imagination naughty men . A number of photographers to quickly capture the mother of four children , as she strolled down the red carpet . Klum also do not feel uncomfortable with a transparent clothes . Confidently , women who are taking care of this divorce , smiled broadly while posing .

2 . Beyonce
Beyonce transparent dress

Although only gave birth to her first child , Beyonce still dare to look sexy and seductive . In fact , with aplomb , wife of Jay - Z 's wearing a see-through evening gown tight in the body . Thin lacy black dress worn Beyonce , as she attended the " Schiaparelli And Prada : Impossible Conversations " at the Museum of Art in New York City . Beyonce presence instantly makes all eyes were on hers . As quoted from Starcasm , Beyonce wore Givenchy output . The transparent black dress cut long and frilly . Clothing that is thin . However , Beyonce is wearing a bodysuit that does not look vulgar . However, not everything is covered . Beyonce let the bottom visible . Beyonce Looks legs clearly visible . Beyonce itself appear so confident with the frilly dress .

3 . Katy Perry
Katy Perry transparent dress

Singer Katy Perry has been spotted twice wearing a transparent dress . First , she was wearing a shirt with dreamy material while attending Paris Fashion Week . She was wearing a mint green dress with a thin chiffon skirt . She looked relaxed , although paparazzi trying to take pictures .
She also became the center of attention because of her dress . And Perry looks sexier , when she attended a music performance Coachela . Again , see-through clothing of choice is the former wife of Russell Brand . She wears clothes that are made from materials that are super thin . Automatically , the dress showed her underwear . Perry is not bothered with a lot of people stare at her . However , she still got a tight escort of bodyguards .
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4 . Rihanna
Rihanna transparent dress

Lately , Rihanna's appearance became more and more daring than ever . The singer of " Take A Bow " is , who was caught by paparazzi while wearing a see-through dress at dinner at a restaurant in New York . While we were having dinner with his friends , like Rihanna wearing fishnet showing the singer's body shape . Once out of the restaurant , the paparazzi were already preparing to take pictures of Rihanna with these clothes . Consciously targeted paparazzi , Rihanna immediately covered her chest with both hands .
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5 . Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus transparent dress

Age Miley Cyrus is only 20 years old . But, about the appearance , the actress and singer was not to be outdone on the seniors . The former star of ' Hannah Montana ' is seen wearing a see-through black dress with polka dots . Of course it makes clothes Cyrus underwear peeking out of clothes made ​​of sheers . And that , immediately to the attention of the public comments and reaping .
As quoted from USmagazine , Cyrus wears a see-through dress that casually while enjoying time with shopping and the streets of Los Angeles . She completed her performance with a black belt , black flat shoes and big bags are also similar color .