Wednesday, February 8, 2012


That is your freedom about choosing your dresses to wear. As many as your interesting it is okay and enjoy for your activity.

Tell your opinion about this dresses below, which do you like and dislike. Whatever you like please give your comment. Your comment is very important for me to make my decision in my dresses. I am 30 years old and have 155 cm tall and weight 50 kg. I have short hair and black, my skin is brown as Asian women. Am I a big size women? Do you have any suggestion to my appearance? Thank you for all your suggestion to my blog here. Cheers.....


  1. I think you are a proportional woman, everything dresses you wears is good for you, I can imagine what about you. Just my suggestion for you for not to choosing lighten dresses, check all guide for you HERE

  2. Thank you for your attention , I agree with your choice and I'll check soon

  3. Females enjoy to look as well as feel beautiful, whether it's inside or outside of herself. They often go to beauty salons as well as spas to take care of their physical looks and also to feel good about themselves. They buy elegant dresses to enhance their general appears. But not many women think about experiencing good Pin Up Swimsuits sets.

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  4. Corset Dresses give us the impression of tightly squeezed waists and straps that knock the breath out of ladies. It was most likely the case with corset dresses back while in the Victorian times, Victorian ladies wore these for just one of a few purposes - health related reasons or to seem to have the desired hourglass shape of the times.
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